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The church where I am pastor

Westside Baptist Church is a fundamental, independent Baptist Christian church. Are you freaked out by any of those adjectives? Don’t be, here’s more:

We are a Grace-driven congregation who strive to proclaim Christ, to Please Him, for His Glory. We use the term “fundamentalist” because we see the need to preach the Bible as absolute authority and as the divinely inspired, infallible (think trustworthy) Word of God. It is how people find God, and the light that guides the lives of believers in Jesus Christ.

For us, fundamentalist Christianity is less about Bible versions, skirt lengths, clothing styles, trying to make a “Christian” society, or people trying to obey Pastor. Rather, we see it as being serious enough about God’s Truth to work to live it out, and we are trusting enough of the ability of His Holy Spirit to change hearts, that we encourage people to strive to please Christ, not Pastor. Pointing people to Christ, and trying to please Him makes us careful about associating with churches, persons, or organizations who are not as biblically careful about these things. That doesn’t mean however, that we separate from others at the drop of a hat–it actually would take many drops of the hat. (This is likely different than many of the fundamentalist churches you might have met.) There is more to this doctrine of loving God and His truth in our doctrinal statement.

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