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With the usual waivers regarding political candidates, etc.

This article from Russel Moore is a good reminder for us about what we might be thinking of doing  regarding our privileges as an American, and what our obligations/priorities are as children of God through faith in Christ.

What are American Christians willing to sacrifice (in terms of the amount of time–effort–treasure striving for the sake of the Gospel) as they struggle for whatever political/social cause? In this election cycle, will we make “making patriots” more important than “making and maturing disciples who look like Jesus Christ?” HT Greg Linscott [And, ummm, I’m not going to try to defend myself to Beck-heads–you know who you are].

Thinking About the Church and “Fixing America” Part One

Admittedly, these articles are written by someone else. But, he has done some serious, biblically-guided thinking about the role of local churches in “fixing America.” I hope you will read thoughtfully… Go here to read about America’s need for preaching…

Some initial election thoughts…

Posted in Election (political) by Sam Hendrickson on 9 November , 2008

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