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Enjoyments That Require Effort…

Posted in run on sentences, Uncategorized by Sam Hendrickson on 15 February , 2014

When I was young, I would see people doing something (skating, skiing, playing music, etc.) and clearly they were enjoying themselves. I would eagerly want to start doing those things–which would mean that my parents had to buy me skates, skis, etc. These things they often did.

Then I would try the thing, and initially, even for a long time (in kid-time), I experienced unpleasant results and would want to quit. But, my parents often prevailed upon me to keep going with varying reasons. Sometimes their reasoning was simply related to the ecoHockeyskates_1960.jpg.crop_displaynomic factor–(“ummm, we PAID for this, so you’re doing it”). Parents, never be afraid to use that reasoning with foolish, fickle children who clearly do not know their own mind.

And through some hard work, hurt ankles, blisters, bumps, sore lips (saxophone), etc. I learned to get to the point where I was whizzing about on skates, flying down a hill on skis, playing (and enjoying) an instrument or two. I still enjoy those things and more now–and even when I pick up some of the activities after 20 years or so, I can still do them (in an enjoyable way).

My mother and father taught me the value of sticking to something. I don’t live that out perfectly, I admit. But, your life will be without “life” if you do not learn this from those who came before you.

Thanks Mom and Pop that I could go ice-skating last night. Thank you Lord for my parents!

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