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Defense of Marriage Act

So, DOMA is struck down. This decision makes clear that for those who oppose same-gender marriage and related matters there is tough sledding ahead.doma

Our ultimate hope is not in governmental or societal change, it is in Christ. Any effort we might make to prevent societal degradation must be something which is worthy of Christ and His mission forthe Church. We must not simply engae in every sort of pragmatic effort or vehicle that we baptize with some sort of Christianized, “this is for God’s glory”, or “we’re taking a stand for righteousness” baptism attached to that effort.

Let us choose carefully how we will live the Gospel in this darkening country.

Should Christ come in my lifetime, will He find me mobilizing our church to stand against same-gender marriage, etc., or will He find us faithfully living out the Good News?

Will He find us faithfully proclaiming the Good News?

Will He find us removing from our lives and message any offense save that of the Good News itself?

Will He find us bemoaning the downfall of our society with the cry “well if America is going to pot, then Jesus HAS to come now”?

May God help us to live righteously for the sake of the glory of God in the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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