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Of course there is some value to seeing themes of redemption, grace and the like in popular media (songs, books, motion pictures and in television programs). The Spirit of God does indeed open our eyes to see our world’s messages differently. But let us never forget that He does so by means of His Word.

Let’s say a Christian reads his Bible 5 min/day, 180 minutes of Sunday church gatherings, and 60 minutes of Weeknight church gatherings. This totals 275 minutes of purposeful worship including Bible intake and the church gathered. To be honest, how many  Christ-followers indeed devote this much time in these life-giving activities?

This is only just over 4 1/2 hours per week. For reference, we are likely awake for 105 hours in a week.

Now add up how much time we spend on TV, secular books (for entertainment), magazines/internet/social media, sports events, sports-talk radio in the car, etc. [be honest!].

Seriously, which activity likely needs to have a higher priority in our [ahem] Christ-focused, Gospel-centered, God-purposed, blood-bought life?

1. Taking in entertainment which has some [think VERY little] redemptive value, or

2. being more absorbed in God’s truth, with His people, surrounded by His things?

 It’s not a difficult thing to ponder–do the written revelation of God (my Creator, Redeemer and Lord), and the individual and gathered worship events grounded in His Word–do they need a higher place in our weekly time management?

If we are still in desperate need  of knowing even the fundamental teachings of Christianity (and who isn’t), then before we spend time in amusement/entertainment, why not find ways to spend more time hearing from God?

Why not make it a higher priority than before?

Time is ticking away…

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