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When the “Ick” or “Euww” Factor Overrides our own Hypocrisy

An NBA player claims to live by Christian principles while at the same time living according to his same-gender romantic, emotional and sexual desires, and this has a lot of Christian up in arms.

I get that.
I wonder how many Christians want to follow ESPN’s Broussard’s example and declare him to not be a Christian, while they themselves are living in open, known unashamed sexual sin–whether it is sex outside of marriage with different people, or sex outside of marriage with a live-in boyfriend/girlfriend? By the way, at this point I am not speaking to whether Broussard is right in his evaluation that the player is not a Christian. I will leave that for now.
It is always easy to see sin in others, and not ourselves–especially when this kind of sin is in play.

Any Christian’s open, unrepentant attitude toward any known sin is repulsive to God, regardless of the “ick” factor.


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