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We’re all Equal–in God’s Eyes

Posted in America's spiritual crisis, Uncategorized by Sam Hendrickson on 28 March , 2013

I am a sinner. You could see that in my life, if you were around long enough (short enough).

But, God doesn’t see me that way anymore–and He’s the One who made this happen, not me.

It’s as though a man was in a $5000 suit, and for a brief moment you look at him, and what you see causes you to say “wow–sharp suit, man!” But, then you keep looking, and his gaze is aimless, the cheeks are grayish green and sunken, his eyes are jaundiced and bloodshot, his well-coiffed hair is near to falling out, his hands are sallow, with sweating palms, and not a frown, nor a smile, but a straight-lined harsh mouth divides his face.

So you think “well, he’s just sick.”

But yet        he              stands.

But as you stare, wanting to say “I bet he can’t help it” he begins walking to you, slurringly proclaiming to you how to find out the secret of his great health, vitality and “wouldn’t you want what I have if you could be like this?”

And he begins to remove his jacket, and you immediately smell a fetid odor which nearly moves you to retch. You move back, and as you do so, you see greenish-yellow stains, mottled with blotch after blotch of red soaking the shirt, the pants. His leather shoes (Italian import) are now overflowing in some mix of fluids which you know are due to sickness, but their color and consistency are nothing like you have seen before.

He collapses in a misshapen heap.

You rush to help him, resisting the gorge which naturally is rising in you. As you unbutton his first top buttons to help him breath, you watch as the entire surface of his body breaks out in ragged wounds–bleeding and festering. You check the pulse, but there is none. You look for life in the eyes, but they stare back with defiant dullness. You watch his chest, but it does not move with breathing.

He is the walking dead.

You ask him how you can help, and he smiles beatifically at you and says “Help? Help? I’m just fine thank you!” Then his smile turns to a cruel smirk–“And just who are you to judge me as to whether I need help or not! Who are you to judge me?”

And this is the condition in which my God and Savior Jesus Christ found me.

He was me, and I was him–and I thought my suit looked great!

And the Father so loved me that in my self-deceived rebellion He planned for my hope.

And the Son bore my sin and suffered the full-brunt of God’s anger over my and your sins.

And Christ’s Spirit came and brought new life, making me a new creature–in Christ Jesus.

And Father, Son and Spirit brought me hope through the death-defying, life-giving Good News!

To say I am grateful–well, I try to be. I often feel it, but some days I still look like the guy in the suit.

And that’s the sad, sick fact of my existence–even as a child of God.

There are times when I happily go back to acting as though the life (death) I had in that $5000 suit, is still worth longing for.

And I think as Christians we can all hearken a little to that.

There is no one who deserves the joy of God except God.

There is no one who deserves equal treatment under the law–except Christ, and He willingly gave that up for people in $5000 suits.

There is no one righteous–no not one. There is no one who seeks God. Together they have become useless. Their throat is an open grave.

There is no fear of God before their eyes. (Those glassy, jaundiced, rebellious eyes.)

Christ is the answer for those dying in their same-gender sins (whatever brand).

Christ is the answer for those dying in their disobedience to parents.

Christ is the answer for those dying in their gossip.

Christ is the answer for those dying in their lies.

Christ is the answer for those cheating on their spouses.

Christ is the answer for those engaging in sexual intimacy before marriage.

Christ is the answer to all of OUR sinfulness.

Christ’s suit is no suit–it’s a robe of white-hot, holy righteousness. With it He clothes all those who humble themselves, turning from sin and calling on Christ to save them from the wrath to come. With that robe, His righteous Father sees these clothed-ones and sees His Son’s perfections.

Christian–as we respond to Equal Signs, and the Agenda and Movement behind them, let’s remember to do so in such a way that others can see

Christ’s wounds

Christ’s love

Christ’s Truth.

For those who are turned off by Christians and their protest of same-gender rights, marriage, etc., some of us are trying to remember that we were once the walking dead, and Christ made us alive.

(And if you are offended at being called the walking dead, I’m not the One who describes sinners that way–God does–it’s His dictionary.)

Some of us are trying to remember that without the perfect goodness of Christ covering our sins, we would be just like the man in the $5000 suit.

As we protest what we see as being morally wrong and civilly dangerous, we are trying to remember and trying to proclaim that without Christ’s perfections covering our sinful, spiritually dead  lives,





in God’s eyes.

And that’s not the answer, that’s the problem…

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