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There is a time…

Posted in America's spiritual crisis, Outreach, Politics (ugh), Worship by Sam Hendrickson on 16 December , 2012

There is a time to discuss how this horrific evil act will affect our liberties. To do so right now seems to be too soon. Our liberties are gifts from God, not rights which we must have or we die.

These families need the gift of God; their children, brothers, sisters, mothers, aunts, etc., have been torn from them by this man. Weep tears for them, weep tears for the sins of this country, weep tears for our Good God to glorify Himself in the Good News in this massacre.

Weep tears for your own past crimes and continuing crimes against God. Such an incredible thought–that we who are “born from above,” recipients of Christ’s obedient life, death and resurrection (which paid the infinite cost of our sins)–incredible it is that we have continuing crimes against this God!

Cleanse us! Renew us! May God save more and more hell-bound rebels for His glory and kingdom! Amen

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