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I Know Sometimes They are Right but Jesus, Paul, James, etc. are Always Right!

Posted in America's spiritual crisis, discernment, I Guess I Just Don't get the Subtleties by Sam Hendrickson on 3 October , 2012

I  grow weary of Christians who are eager to let unbelievers (specifically pagans and syncretistic subChristian cultists) become important sources of criticism of Christianity.

I am not saying that such people cannot sometimes emit shreds of wisdom here and there (every broken analog clock is twice correct in one day.) But tell me where their “wisdom” is more valuable than what can be garnered by careful study of the copious harvest of truth from the words of our Lord, the examples and words of the Early Church in Acts, or from Pauline, Johannine, Jacobian, Petrine or the other epistles?

This or that pagan says something oh so “profound”–as he essentially bashes and mocks the Christ and the Christianity as revealed in God’s Word. “Profound?” “Wise?” Truly? Why not examine his remark in light of those sources I mentioned (both Divine and the conduits of the Divine Mind)! I guarantee you that with careful study of God’s Wisdom–the significance of your unbelieving critic’s “wisdom” will pale in comparison. They may point out some explicit application where the Scriptures speak implicitly. Good. But why not quote the Holy Spirit-inspired writings which imply the application rather than the God-hating, self-worshiping critic? Of course we need to demonstrate wisdom in this–it is not wrong to quote nonbiblical sources. But, why lift some of them up as luminaries to look to?

Among Christians, and subchristian cults there is a continuing affection for pagans who treat Christ as another god to add to their panoply of little gods. In his writings and life he makes his polytheism and idol-worship evident, but says one or two cutting (and somewhat correct) statements about Christians. In my experience, his or her “brilliant” critique of Christians and their faults gets more air time than Holy Writ. #GivemeGodBreathedProphetsoverMealyMouthedCritics

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