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Nice…Heaven is for Unbelievers…Ummm. Good Luck With That.

Posted in discernment, Fighting fundamentalist foolishness, Postmodern by Sam Hendrickson on 23 April , 2012

A frightening and heterodox conclusion in the name of one “defending the gospel”…BTW  their words and sentiments NOT mine! [This link has been removed–the seedlings of an explanation are available here.) The original conclusion to the article appear below. The original author posted here with the entire article.

As Christians we can depart from the faith, deny the faith, or stop believing in Christ as our Savior. But since the security of our salvation depends on God’s faithfulness, not our own, we can never lose eternal life. A Christian may leave the faith, but God never leaves the Christian. Apostasy from the faith does not forfeit salvation, though it will forfeit future rewards.”

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