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Hey Haters! Yeah I Mean You…

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam Hendrickson on 9 November , 2011

Been listening to a man named Steven Furtick. Why, (using his own words) if you critique or question him (or others like him) are you then seen as a “hater?” Can we ask questions, and critique ideas without being described as committing ad hominem attacks on those whose ideas we question? Not in his world. (I bring up the matter of “personal attacks” because generally the use of “haters” connotes the notion that in opposing someone’s argument, you are “hating” them).

“Hey Haters…”

This is the kind of language I expect from a guest on the Tyra Banks show, or a pimply-faced Lady Gaga-idolizing teenager who has been told by her Christian school that she can’t wear some immodest outfit to a school event–not the kind of words I’d expect from a minister of the Gospel.

When he says: “we’re done with…the way you sling blame and shame in the face of anyone who doesn’t say what you say and see what you see, and read what you read, and think what you think, and do what you do…We’re sick and tired of your pervasive propensity to pick a fight and hide the light–nitpicking every little single pixel of God’s brilliant picture–seeing only your side in only black and white.” Does this kind of freedom he expresses include the need to be free about orthodox, biblical necessary doctrines such as the Trinity?

Why mention “Trinity?” Well, why would anyone claiming Christianity, and possessing the power to influence so many people promote the teachings of TD Jakes (who holds the heretical views of Modalism)?

Because, (although he released his little video rant in March 2011) Furtick has continued his promotion and encouragement of a man (Jakes) who (along with the other errors and falsity which are part and parcel of Word of Faith theology) refuses to proclaim the Triune God as the Scriptures have described Him–well-described at Chalcedon. (Google it). [One of THE most important moments in Christology and Theology since the launching of the Church in Acts.]

Is God’s Triunity a “nitpicking” thing? Is battling (and wanting to discredit the teachers of)  clear biblical errors of Word of Faith teaching a mark of being a “hater?”  A neophyte Bible student with an English Bible and a Greek & Hebrew lexicon can expose and successfully argue against the various errors of Word of Faith doctrine. And Paul, James, and Jude [for starters] thought exposure of heresy and heretics an essential task.

Is “nitpicking” include the voicing of concern for SF’s embracing and promoting Joel Osteen who is not only purposefully agnostic on the homosexual issue, but more importantly cannot even commit himself to publicly defending the Gospel on Larry King, etc? And it is not as though he was afraid of saying it–his gospel is distorted in many of his other presentations of it–but especially when he is called to make an apologia.

Do I have it all figured out? No. I know that–come to our church, and you’ll pick that up real quickly. But, with some careful study, it is not hard to conclude that the Triunity of God is the best interpretation of the relevant Scripture passages. It is understandably a basic tenet of the Christian faith. Sadly, this and other fatal errors of Charismaticism’s Third Wave are washing through our churches–giving us ungodly views of the hope for holy living, and worse, drawing people away to “another gospel” which is no gospel.

And, you know what, we should hate that kind of teaching, and speak against those who promote it. We should pray that God would lead all of us to His Truth! However much Furtick might say “you’re full of opinions, but low on the Spirit–Because the Spirit is love…peace…kindness.” This is true, but if we are going to quibble over the Spirit, over Pneumatology, the Spirit is umm, well, He is [Pause for effect] “Truth.” And from the two examples of Jakes and Osteen, the Spirit’s Truth needs to temper how willing we are to extend “Christian” fellowship and recognition to those who bandy the words of the Spirit about as though truth is immaterial. If someone wants to say this post is unkind because of all the “gospel” work that Furtick, Jakes and Osteen do, let me say it this way: all of it matters–Orthopraxy and Orthodoxy. To bring up numbers of “saved” (or fill in the blank) people as the reason for ignoring their errors is no argument. I’ve heard it umpteen times in Fundamentalism, and even by some who might read this. While no one is perfect in our faith and practice, pastors of all people should be glad when others are striving for orthodoxy and orthopraxy.

May God save our churches from these things, and may He keep false prophets from the Lost ones we know. Show them Christ!

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