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On Easter Bunnies…(sort of)…OK, not really…

I am an American citizen. But, according to the Holy Spirit, I am first and foremost a subject in the kingdom of God—a citizen of heaven (Philippians 3:20). I am supposed to be unafraid to be an alien (foreigner) and a stranger (wandering through a world in which I have no real and final citizenship – 1 Peter 2:11). Because of the rights which God has graciously granted me as a US citizen (which are actually privileges) and privileges accorded to me by God through the work of good men two centuries ago (who were biblically wrong in saying that these are God-given rights, but to whom God sovereignly afforded the right to be wrong about these things), I vote, I speak up–trying to think deeply, and hoping to speak plainly and clearly on how to be a Christian first and an American second. God helping me, I do this always with the idea of being what I am – a heavenly citizen who resides as an alien & pilgrim, and secondly an American citizen.[1]

I think I can do more in being a citizen, and (more…)