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Careful Exegesis and Exposition Matter…Really They do…

So…will this conference be about not stealing someone else’s land through fraudulent border-keeping? See Deut 19:14, 27:17; Prov 23:10…

This is what the “young men” mean when they are say they are frustrated with the “old” guys, and the “old” guys offer this kind of exegesis and exposition.  By the way, age-wise, I am an old guy. Without attending the conference, I promise not to steal someone anyone’s land–and now am on my way to being a good fundamentalist Christian.

This is why we work at careful interpretation…We do not get to read back into the OT the meanings we want it to have!

Now, tongue back out of cheek…I know they are talking about not giving up traditional ways of thinking, as long as they line up with the Bible, but isn’t it a bad start if we misuse the Text to make our point?

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