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Can we “join in” praying for America with Glenn Beck–to “God?”

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam Hendrickson on 31 August , 2010

Another thought-provoking article about Glenn Beck and his religious language in his attempts to draw Evangelicals, Conservatives, Libertarians, etc. together:

Take note of this paragraph especially: “A dear fellow Christian, in coming to understand where I am on this issue wrote to me today saying, ‘I like Glenn Beck and appreciate his effort to bring America back to her godly roots. He is doing a great job in uniting government, church, and media. He does speak from a Mormon perspective but still has a heart of seeing America return to God even though he might not have the same theological view as we do.’

I responded by saying, ” I understand you – but I cannot agree that Mormonism is in any way “godly.” According to the Bible, there is nothing at all godly about false religion. Godliness is not just about acts of service, honor, integrity, courage and the like, as wonderful as these things are, but it also includes worship of the One true God and the avoidance of all forms of idolatry. Mormonism is idolatrous worship and when Glenn Beck prays, despite his intentions, he prays to a false god who cannot help either Mr. Beck or America.”

Remember, whatever it is that we think we need to do in order to have the country we think we deserve, we must recognize how drastically different is our status from all those who are not born-again Christian. We are pilgrims, strangers, citizens of heaven, etc. who have no spiritual common-cause with those who will not bow to the authority, Lordship and saving-power of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Scriptures!

With the usual waivers regarding political candidates, etc.

This article from Russel Moore is a good reminder for us about what we might be thinking of doing  regarding our privileges as an American, and what our obligations/priorities are as children of God through faith in Christ.

What are American Christians willing to sacrifice (in terms of the amount of time–effort–treasure striving for the sake of the Gospel) as they struggle for whatever political/social cause? In this election cycle, will we make “making patriots” more important than “making and maturing disciples who look like Jesus Christ?” HT Greg Linscott [And, ummm, I’m not going to try to defend myself to Beck-heads–you know who you are].