theolog shmeolog


Posted in run on sentences, Uncategorized by Sam Hendrickson on 9 June , 2010

I began writing this as I tried to write something more than “Happy Mother’s Day” in a card. Couldn’t finish it. Finished it for my Pop’s card. In many ways it needs polishing, but it was in this form when I sent it to them:

There is a distance which separates persons, and for you and me that measures approximately 367 miles. There are real limitations imposed by such a large number. These are magnified by time constraints, physical capabilities and whatnot.

There is a distance which separates loved ones which can be bridged by letter, telephone and other modern communication methods. Its limitations are time, poor handwriting, or “we don’t want to use up all your minutes.”

There is a distance which separates loved family members which can be spanned by nothing so clumsy as phones, cars, emails or pen on paper. Rather, it is traversed by three vehicles: thought, memory & prayer.

First, thought is fueled by the knowledge that at whatever time I think of you, you both are busy doing busy things. Then, I wonder what those things are, and wish I were there with you—and in a way, I am.

Second, memory is like the first—thought. I see images, faces, events, feelings, delight, sorrow, laughter, worry, good food, great smells, glances, songs, conversations, etc. These shadows of the past—no—these shimmers of light & life dance through my mind often when I am thinking of or doing something of mundane importance. And I am with you.

These two feed the third vehicle—a connection not between us, but between God and me. For there hardly passes a day during which I do not remember you, and thinking of you I traverse an infinite space and address my Lord concerning you both—creature to Creator, son to Father, redeemed rebel to Savior. It is of no special significance that I am praying, but more so that He is listening. What an amazing thing that God hears! He hears me—a sinful, rebellious son of Adam, who through the redemption favored him by faith, can now do more than send wishful thinking in the Great Sovereign’s direction. No, rather I can approach Him with confidence, through the permission, privilege and authority of His eternal Son, Jesus Christ. And because of Christ, my prayers for you are heard. And the Spirit of Christ interprets my prayers with groanings to deep to be expressed by human mind and mouth.

What grace that He should hear His creation cry! What hope that He should bring some to life forever with Him. Only faith in the Cross-work of Christ gave me such a bridge! And through Him, my thoughts, memories and concerns have real significance—no mere casting hopes into a wishing well, or simply “wishing you well”—but the King of the Universe leans down to hear His child—because of Christ.

May He watch over you both and lead you in His ways…