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Crisis? What Crisis?


I am not foolish enough to say there is no financial crisis. But, as I look at this video,  I am reminded that the true crisis is not that our freedoms are being taken away, or that our individual and national finances are in trouble.

Sadly, this video, though humorous in some sense, is a snapshot of the spiritual crisis we face. The Holy Spirit tells us that the Gospel preached is foolish enough–we do not need to add to the perception which people have of Christ and Christianity, by engaging in any folly that is in anyway related to things like this! But, how often do we find more comfort in something which we think is “spiritual” outside of the God’s revelation? Why are so dissatisfied to live by faith, and not by sight?

Let us make sure that the Jesus we “see” is the God of the Bible.

Let us redouble our efforts to help our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers see the Christ of the Scriptures!

Let us not spend the greater portion of our life efforts struggling for the American Dream! Let us rather give ourselves in an ever-increasing way to promote and defend the Good News of Hope in Jesus Christ! Let us hold to and hold forth the fundamentals of the Christian faith…

May God help us to recognize and confront the true crisis which lies before us!

HatTip: The Enlightened Redneck

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