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David Wells Helps us Understand our Flawed, Selfish Worship

Posted in challenging human thinking, discernment, Postmodern, Worship by Sam Hendrickson on 28 March , 2009

“…The thought of loving God, and occasionally of being in love with God, that characterizes postmodern hymnody has replaced the emphasis on consecration and committment that was so characteristic of classic hymnody.

At this point, the essentially mystical nature of postmodern piety becomes obvious, even though it is a mysticism that is filtered through modern, psychological assumptions. This is evident, first, in the way this kind of spirituality believes in direct access to reality. The experiencing self is admitted, as it were, into the innermost places of God directly, without any wait. The result of this assumption is that personal intuition about the purposes of God, how His will is being realized in one’s personal life, tends to blur with divine revelation and become indistinguishable from it.

Second, the God so approached is often beyond rational categories. Third, grace, in this form of Christian life, is often understood as a power that brings psychological wholeness rather than as God’s favor by which we are constituted as His in Christ. And worship is less about ascribing praise to God for who He is, than it is celebrating what we know of Him from within our own experience.” From Losing our Virtue–Why the Church Must Recover its Moral Vision, by David F. Wells.

Crisis? What Crisis?


I am not foolish enough to say there is no financial crisis. But, as I look at this video,  I am reminded that the true crisis is not that our freedoms are being taken away, or that our individual and national finances are in trouble.

Sadly, this video, though humorous in some sense, is a snapshot of the spiritual crisis we face. (more…)