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More Profundity and Phun from Phil…

Posted in challenging human thinking, Emerging thingie, Phil Phun, Postmodern, Uncategorized by Sam Hendrickson on 25 August , 2008

Nothing much from me, but check out these posts from Phil Johnson–[if you didn’t ‘get’ the posters, email me, I’ll try to explain.]

Why Error is Thriving in the Church [Spurgeon]

Postmodern-Relativism-and-the-Church Posters

Think and enjoy…

Pas. Sam

Challenging Ideas, not Attacking People

Christians should expect our thinking to be increasingly challenged by the group-think of our age. Our holding to the body of biblical truth, and to an orthodox interpretation of those truths, will inevitably pit us against much of the thinking of the general populace. Sound familiar? I would hazard a guess that you, as a Christian reading this, are already nodding your head like a Justin Verlander bobblehead. (more…)