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We are already at odds because of the Gospel…

Posted in challenging human thinking by Sam Hendrickson on 1 July , 2008

Need we add any more reasons for friction between Christians and the lost?

Phil Johnson’s continuing thoughts on Christians and Society have been striking a harmonic chord with me–at the same time pointing out the dissonant sound of the political “Christian Right.” By dissonance, I am referring to the many ways the Christian Right message & actions flies in the face of Scriptural truth–actively, or ignorantly. Phil’s earlier missives speak well to this. You can see them here.

I have understood one of the implications of Second Corinthians 6:3 (and other passages regarding “offense” to others) to be that our only allowable ‘offense’ as Christians is the Good News itself. It seems today that many who hate, despise or think ill of Christians & Christianity (and thus in a real sense, Christ) are doing so for wrong reasons. For our part, we should ensure that the only reason they have to stand against us is our Gospel-centeredness.

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