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Thinking on Christian bands…


Clearly, I’m coming at this all wrong…eyeliner, $30 a pop fanclub (“Oh, I know, I know…Sam’s Club–[oh, what? that's taken already? oh"), and helping the WWE bring their family-friendly, God-glorifying message to the yoot of America...


"and then the WWE wanted to use “Monster” for their 25 year celebration. I was really, really excited"


"The rock star thing vs. the Christian thing used to be harder than it is. It’s not quite as hard now because I am so committed to my faith in God and who I know I need to be because I have to live with myself. In some ways it is still difficult because, I would say, being a Christian and being a rock star are the absolute opposites of each other. Being a rock star is all about you, all about being cool or at least trying to be cool. Putting up this front that you really don’t care about anybody or anything. Being a Christian is the opposite. It’s not all about me, it’s about God. It’s about helping people, loving God, and loving others, serving others. As a rock star you are used to getting served.

Primpin' and pimpin'

Read more: 20 questions with Christian rock band Skillet’s John Cooper – Medfield, MA – Medfield Press


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